By Carl Curtis

Surprised at the line up this afternoon, didn’t expect to see Ben Amos named in the matchday squad and definitely didn’t think we would see Adam Le Fondre but the team looked a strong enough eleven.

Ben Wilson took the number one slot with Marshall on his way to Hull.

The first half, like I have in previous home games, I got to say I enjoyed it, I thought City were bright and more attack minded in their play and had we been a couple of goals to the good at half time then in my opinion Reading would have had very little to complain about.

Lex Immers was the most guilty of not converting decent chances he had with two headers.

Jazz Richards and Anthony Pilkington both forced Al Absi into conceding corners from shots from outside of the box.

Karen Harris, Pilkington and Immers were all having a pretty decent first half with their approach play in and around the Reading box.

I was slightly surprised to learn how big a percentage Reading had in possession during the first half, 65%, that wouldn’t have been my guess without hearing the stat.

The second half saw Reading come at us more than they did in the first forty five and it made for a more open game with both teams creating opportunities in the opposition box, City were starting to make mistakes in the back line no more so than when Connolly ballooned a ball high in our box which came down on top of Ben Wilson who let a slip through his hands, Gunnarsson took a air swing in attempting to clear before Kadeem Harris toe poked the ball away from danger.

Inexplicably and it is a trait we have seen far too many times from Cardiff City over the past few seasons, we always sit deeper and deeper the closer we approach the 90 minute mark.

The City fans were urging the team to push up the pitch and away from the penalty area as far too many times we get punished in the final few minutes for camping in our penalty box.

Today we did exactly that and yet again got punished.

We all know that City need a striker, and one with a pedigree of suiting the Championship, without a finisher then I do fear we could be in a relegation battle.

Five points from the available fifteen is dismal in my opinion and I just hope that a striker is brought in, whether a freebie or loan because with a finisher in that team then maybe we would have got an extra five points from today’s game and that at Birmingham.

If we stopped sitting deep late on in games then we may have held on for a credible win at Fulham too.

All ifs and buts I know but the table could be looking a lot better than it does right now with little changes.