By Annis Abraham

Our present club policy is

(1) trimming wages

(2) selling if the price is right

(3) getting players on a free transfer or on loan.

Let’s for one minute put “The Despicable Rebrand Aside”

Of course we all wish to have the best players but considering our dire financial situation where our present owner has sunk in £150- 200 million (?) a big chunk of his total networth (this is in his loan + his shares + borrowing from financial institutions),waiting to see if more debt to equity has been done as promised(we will know in next few days).
Remember the majority of the debt has been made by Tan and is owed to Tan.

Considering all that then we should be looking on what is happening positively, because otherwise we may as well give up supporting our club.

Tan wants his money back and bit by bit he’s getting it back, but thankfully I believe we have a manager in Paul Trollope with ambition to get the best out of the peanut budget he has been given.
Paul Trollope “on paper” has done well.

We have a brand new team the Trollope team. Declan John, Kadeem Harris , Joe Ralls, Stuart O’Keefe and Ben Wilson are practically new as they were not used much previously. Lex Immers and Anthony Pilkington can now drop a bit back to their natural preferred positions (so they are like new) and Emyr Huws, Joe Bennett, Ben Amos , Jazz Richards and Gounogbe(not sure about) are all new and now finally a new striker Rickie Lambert on a two year contact . All in all 13 New Trollope players- a whole team. We should be positive.