By Annis Abraham

So Sad to see.

‘ Our away support worse been in more than 16 Years! ‘

When Cardiff use to get 1,500 home crowds, we would take up North on a midweek game about 150 fans on a Saturday 400 fans,but don’t get me wrong Ive been away with City with only 11 fans and 50 fans in the rea real dark days near the bottom of division 4.

When were in the old division 2,now the Championship, when we were getting 5,000-8,000 home crowds, we would take away 400 to say 1,500 to Watford and 3,500 to Bristol City.
But I’ve also been away with City to places like Northampton,Colchester,Crewe,Shrewsbury,Port Vale,Lincoln,Torquay,Orient,Darlington in division 4 when our home crowds have been 6,000 say,yet away support at places like them with nothing less than 1,500 and up to 3,000 City fans.

Sadly We’ve lost a lot of those fans and I blame Vincent Tan and the Red Brigrade who supported him.
Now we’ve got No restrictions,No all ticket games and some clubs have charged as little as £10-£20 admission, but I believe that many of the hardcore old City fans have had enough of the way our club has treated its fans the last 7 years.

Now we get 15,000-20,000 home crowds and we take away 100 fans,300 fans and if lucky 3 times a year 2,000 fans max.

Smaller clubs in the lower divisions nearly all now take more than us away,very very sad.

Fans from all over the UK would always praise our away support in the old days.

2015-16 Season Championship away support

Clubs in the Championship last season,All having to pay the same prices of admission as us,yes we travelled further than some,but we ended up 8th in the Championship and spent most of the season between 6th-8th in the Championship and clubs who got hammered week after week had better away support.