Atmosphere & Stewarding at CCFC

‘ Atmosphere & Stewarding at CCFC ‘

Cardiff City Stadium.

pezza4646 wrote:
Ok, what has happened is done, gone end off YES it will still go on.
My issue is atmosphere & Stewarding, every club has there 12th man, we Have not now, fair play to the drummer he tries to keep it going & good on him.
Someone needs to see Wayne Nash, as we not allowed to in certain areas or stand & point at away fans… Yet they are treated like Royalty. We need an area like Crystal Palace were you can create atmosphere, hence swapping the 2 ends behind the goals.
STILL keep the no man land between the fans, as you look at the photos the family stand is still nearly half empty now and the Canton stand is 3 quarters full.
I know what sort of negativity replies will get on here, like Policing etc. What iam saying is Stewarding needs to be a bit more relaxed.