Cardiff City Where we’re at….

Cardiff City Where we’re at….

By Jon (Mr Shed)

Let’s wake up….

We all know the score, those that can’t see it are either ignorant or just stirring for kicks.
Our club screwed up, Tan screwed up, Previous managers screwed up and we as fans screwed up.

It is in all our best interests that we get through this, Tan, Dalaman, Choo, Trollope, the players,us the 15,000 or so supporters still going nearly every week and Cardiff as a City.
We’re rubbish and we know we are…..

Let’s be honest, Results have been diabolical, even laughable!!!! but i have not seen one Cardiff player not trying, Do people thing Trollope can’t be bothered? That no one is putting a shift in? I’ve seen them! They do try on the field. There is not one player walking around, not going for a tackle, or not chasing balls. The effort is there from the team and management, So why Boo?
Why are we blaming the players because they are off form or lacking in confidence? isn’t it our role as supporters to get behind the team no matter what? i cant see the logic in deflating an already struggling team. OUR team!!!
We’re in this together….

We have no money, we have no prima donnas, we have a bare bones squad. But, we have Welsh Players, A Welsh Manager, a Great stadium and we play in a Blue Adidas Kit!!! The players and Management are out there trying different things every week, we can not change the owner, Manager or bring in any more players until January. So hows about we all dig in and do our bit to climb the table, its a hell of a long season and it would be a disaster to finish in the bottom 3.

Our club is trying to fix past mistakes that were made by the current regime. How many of our Previous Owners/Chairmen have stuck around to do that?

It’s gonna take at least 3 solid seasons to get any solid sorting of the crap. I have no intention of going anywhere, nor will i play a part in making things worse By booing my own team, I can not see any way that helps!

Lady Luck was shining down on us today helped by the near 400 Bluebirds that supported their team non stop, we as a team need to take this momentum into Tuesday, Derby are in a far worse state than us, (you wait for that embargo in January!)
For better, For worse, I am a Bluebird,

See You on Tuesday……