By Annis Abraham



Cardiff City’s opponents tomorrow night Derby County have spent well over £30 million in the last two seasons, failed to win promotion last season and this season they have scored only three goals, making them the worst scorers in the Championship and one of the worst in all the Leagues. They are currently in the bottom three of the Championship, after failing to win a match in their last six outings and with only won win this season.
Last Saturday Derby County even lost at home to one of the worst clubs Blackburn Rovers.

So tomorrow night many of us Cardiff City fans will be upset if we don’t beat Derby County at home as they are currently shocking and yet we’ve spent peanuts.

Funny many on here believe if a club spends big money they are guaranteed promotion/success or shall we say if a manager gets given plenty of money, well I’ve always maintained yes a manager needs some money and it helps big time but only if its the right manager.

Thats why I backed Malky Mackay so much, as yes he was given money,but he delivered with it big time,not just promotion did Malky achieve,we were runaway leaders and Malky went on to win the Championship Trophy.
Just look at Aston Villa v Newcastle United yesterday,they have squads in the Championship with a combined cost of a staggering £161.5million and would you guarantee both clubs will go up this season??

QPR spent far more than most clubs outside the Premier League and half the time they are struggling, like I say yes,you need some money,but you need the right manager to buy the players and then manage them.

And according to Vincent Tan, he says he’s put in over £200mill ii to Cardiff City, yet we are in a worse position in the League then when he arrived seven years ago and with lower crowds.

For me a club can have,spend all the money in the world,but it has to be run by people with football/business knowledge and then of course a good manager to manage the team, them combined will do well :ayatollah: :ayatollah: