A time and place

A time and a place.

What purpose did today’s statement serve? Other than being critical of Malky Mackay and Iain Moody transfer policy. Surely this type of statement belongs at the AGM and not when we are entering the final twelve games of our maiden Premier League season whilst battling against relegation.

There are divisions in our support, which we all know the reason why, no need for me to go over old ground but when the club should be trying its damnedest to unite our support it once again kicks itself square in the dangly bits.

On first reading the statement, my initial response was that it smacked of immaturity; my dad is bigger than your dad playground nonsense. At a shareholders meeting I would not have any issue about what was written as Vincent Tan, rightly or wrongly, felt that he could not trust Malky Mackay and Iain Moody to spend any more money.

If a statement or words of wisdom were needed then this one today was exactly the opposite of what is required.

Something along the lines of ‘whatever your thoughts about Malky, Ole, the rebrand, the debt, the players, ticket prices, blah blah blah right now your club needs you! You are needed to get behind the players for each and every game until the end of season, we need to fight for survival and your support is critical. The time to discuss all other matters will be once the curtain has drawn on the 2013/14 season.’

Personally I don’t think the club needed to say anything at all because if you got nothing good to say then say nothing at all.

Does Vincent Tan realise it doesn’t matter how many people sit in Asia watching Cardiff City play, or how many punters buy a meal at Kenny Rogers Roasters, it is the supporters who attend the game that can have a positive effect on what happens on the pitch.

Why does Tan want to alienate supporters at a time when the manager would want to get every one of us behind the team and focus only on the team?

We, the supporters, will be here when Tan has long gone and I will support the team through every game we play and hopefully we will still be a Premier League club at the end of the season and I hope that by the time the Hull game comes, today’s statement will be regarded as another piece in the growing line of ill-timed and I’ll judged gaffs by Lim or Tan and we as supporters focus on our team and support them in the quest for the points required to stay in the division.

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