There is one thing that is very positive regarding Tan/CCFC

By Annis Abraham
The Dictator/Mad man what ever you want to call Vincent Tan, thanks to his circus and his outbursts Cardiff City are now World wide known, from America,to Asia to Russia to Europe everyone has heard of us, so we are now a massive club. There will be buyers around the corner quicker than you think.

I know for a fact Tan wants out now of Cardiff City and the quicker the better in his eyes, but and there is a but of course he wants his money back. I believe because we are now out there in the World and everyone is talking about us, they can see the potential Cardiff City has.

Yes he will leave us as a divided fan base, but time is a healer.
But he will leave us with a stadium capacity of 33,500 approx, which will appeal to many billionaires.
Anyone who comes in,they will want to get the fans back on side and I can honestly see our full identity coming back, not in years to come, but within 2 years, those that stayed BLUE can feel proud and if you had not and just walked away, I honestly think we would of lost it forever, those that turned Red can now see the majority dont want it and never ever wanted it.

I see light at the end of this terrible dark tunnel.

Yes we will prob go down this season.

But I see us coming back up, but next time stronger than ever and we will have leant so much from this season, it will help our club in its future.

All is not lost fellow City Fans.