Peaceful protest on March 22nd at Liverpool home match

Many of you will be aware that a demonstration and protest is planned prior to the home match against Liverpool on Saturday March 22nd.

The reason for the peaceful protest is to call on our club to restore its identity back to blue.

Cardiff City Supporters Club and Cardiff City Supporters Trust have given their full backing to this demonstration and with the support of Cardiff City Forum and Cardiff City Message Board (CCMB) and every Cardiff City supporter that wishes for the club to return to its rightful colour then this protest will give each and every one of us the opportunity to peacefully protest to the club that we wish to see our identity restored at the earliest possible time.

I have spoken with the members of Cardiff City Travel Group who I have phone numbers for (Dibs Travel, Gezza, Nosher and Guff CF14 Bus, Saddam) and they are fully supportive of this protest, Carlos Coaches and Bluebirds Unite are supporting too.

A statement will be released in the next few days detailing the itinerary for the protest.

In the meantime keep wearing your blue to the games and encourage those who you know to do the same.