Our fans have a right to their own opinions and beliefs

By Annis Abraham

For the first 6 months of the stripping of our identity by Vincent Tan, many fans were too scared to speak up for fear of threats or some saying it was red or dead, which turned out to be scaremongering and total lies.

Britain allows freedom of speech and besides that if you pay your money you have a right to have your say even if others disagree.

Ole is totally in the wrong asking our fans to not boo Tan but that’s my opinion. Ole should stick to the football matters only. If Tan wants to keep making pathetic statements then our fans have a right to say how they feel whether it’s good or bad.

Ole already stated on Saturday night on match of the day that the fans have been behind our team every game and how good we’ve been. We’ve done our part and will continue to do so, now Ole you do your part and keep us up.

Many fans care about our identity and if Vincent Tan wants to keep mocking the fans then the fans will say how they feel.

The fans will be here well after Vincent Tan and his circus have left town.

Many will say Tan has given Cardiff City money, but he has not given not one penny yet. That is a fact, and until he has turned his debt into equity as he promised 18 months ago, then so far all Tan has done is create a debt of well over £100 million for Cardiff City.