Everyone who witnessed the ‘sea of blue’ at the Liverpool game on 19.27 were astounded at the visual display created at the very moment thousands of fans held their BLUE and White scarves aloft, there were thousands in the stadium without a BLUE scarf but stood to their feet to applaud the sight. :ayatollah:

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It is important we carry this on to the end of the season at every home match starting on Saturday versus Crystal Palace. :bluescarf:

Wear BLUE and bring your BLUE scarf, if you have a spare BLUE scarf why not bring it along and give it to a mate or someone sat close to you who may not have one and join in with thousands of Bluebirds in unison on 19 minutes and 27 seconds.

I thought that sea of blue at the Liverpool helped enhance the atmosphere and it managed to get the stadium rocking. :thumbup:

Zoom in (real dimensions: 960 x 540)image.jpgPhoto by Michael Creadon.

Whether you are in the Canton, Ninian, Family or Grandstand, let’s keep this going and make it bigger and better as Palace fans will be sure to make plenty of noise and support their team, so we have to get behind ours and unite together until the end of the season.

Bring your BLUE scarf Saturday and HOLD IT ALOFT AT 19 MINUTES AND 27 SECONDS :bluescarf: :bluescarf: :bluescarf:


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