Not good reading but it is what it is

By Carl Curtis.

Gutless, headless and being totally honest that was the biggest pile of you know what I have seen served up at home all season.

When I saw the team for today I had real optimism that Ole was going for it, we would play with 4-4-2, balls crossed in from either flank with Kenwyne Jones the focal point of the attack and Campbell supporting the big man up top.

My biggest doubt was that Medel needed to have a big game otherwise we could be overrun through the middle.

What I didn’t envisage was us lining up with 4-5-1 and seeing a bunch of players who showed no heart, no desire and in truth embarrassed our club with the worst home performance this season.

I got roundly criticised when I wrote that I accepted after the Hull debacle we would be relegated, I admit it was premature because there were and still are enough points to survive but I doubt anyone will argue against us being relegated now even though there are still enough games to get to the level of points to survive.

Ole Gunnar Solksjaer was exposed today as being tactically inept for this league, I have serious doubts as to whether he would succeed in the Championship, and what I heard on Radio Wales driving home worries me as much as his tactics. To say we dominated the first half, run out of ideas and had no self belief is a massive concern.

The managers job is to work with the squad through the week and give the ideas and belief to the players and I have no faith in him as a manager tonight that he is capable of doing either.

The last thing City needed today was to concede the opening goal and once we did, judging by what I had witnessed up to that goal, I did not believe we would get back into the game.

There was no creativity, we were far too exposed by being so expansive in our play, players who we rely on to have an impact on our play didn’t show up and the mediocre ones were nowhere near being average players this afternoon.

The team strolled out for the second half as if it was an end of season meaningless match, not that we had 45 minutes to keep our season alive.

There are far bigger issues that concern this football club, which I have written about previously, Vincent Tan needs to leave the footballing matters alone but when we have a megalomaniac with no or every little football knowledge in charge choosing a manager then we will forever be destined for trouble.

Fire and Passion – poor and gutless.

You often hear fans say their team has gone backwards but I would gladly go back to the defensive approach we displayed four months ago and be a difficult to beat team, even if some of you think it is boring it was more effective than that tripe I witnessed this afternoon and that is statistically a fact.

Where we as a club go from here is anybody’s guess, the lunatics are running the asylum, the manager is out of his depth, many fans are in denial and we can’t even identify ourselves.

The joke has gone on for too long.

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