Championship Fixtures 2014/15 will be announced this Wednesday 18th June 2014.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Needs a good start and a very good run in my opinion as we will need to win a lot of missing fans back asap,a lot will prob turn up the first game as they usually do and they need convincing that the team will be challenging.

We will need to get a half-empty stadium rocking,I think Ole’s signings so far will excite fans as they will see Ole’s team as an attacking team with plenty of goals to come.

I am concerned about how Ole’s team will defend going on by what I saw last season?

If Ole starts well and gets a very good run going, I do then see City in the top 3 by Xmas,but I also fear that a bad start would see us actually go the other way drastically, I dont see us just being a middle of the road team, its one or the other and if we were in the bottom half by Xmas, I believe Tan would have no hesitation in sacking Ole.

But like I say,if we start well I believe Ole’s team will grow in confidence and will tear teams apart with the way he manages, its so essential to start well under Ole.