” Next season will see us haemorrhage fans “


By City Fan in Canton Stand

On Tuesday Night ,everyone’s talk was around when Cardiff City would be relegated with trollope in charge.

Everyone around me stating whatever happens this season, they would not renew due to the way the club has treated the fan Base over the lies peddled by choo.ie tan.

It was like the 80,s again, supporters laughing at the ineptitude of our display.
Will we score before Xmas.
I have said before we will shortly be in Blackpool position with us seeing a tsunami of supporters walking away and us dropping through the divisions.
These were not the fan Base of the recent premier league,these were long standing supporters for multiple seasons.
The only hope is for the fans to see direction and purpose,the manager given a budget and his authority and his alone for recruitment.
Probably the biggest crossroads the club has ever been in.
Yet Choo and Dalman standby while the club burns.