” Terrible away support but why? “

” Terrible away support but why? ”

Cardiff City

By Gareth Dunning


I think RV casual hit the nail on the head in a different post, exactly what I was thinking. The 18-30 which usually make a huge percentage of the numbers and always have done have been lost. Sure they exist, and when they do go I have seen myself how passionate and vociferous they are. But I simply don’t think enough of them follow city these days, the numbers aren’t there. It’s like a lost generation.

Are they getting a fix with Wales away instead? Or is it simply a numbers thing?

We can blame modern Football, TV, money all of which no doubt play a factor especially today against forest but sad to see such a Demise in a clubs away support. It wasn’t that long ago, maybe 7 or 8 years we would get a 1,000 against a Watford or a Charlton on a Tuesday night let alone a Saturday.

The numbers will swell when the older generation turn up at the games they have carefully selected ( Burton ) and villa will be a sell out no doubt, but as for the bread and butter games week in week out that don’t appeal then am afraid it’s a sad state of affairs.

Having said all that am still amazed at the such low numbers for a Saturday game , 5.pm better than 12.30 warnocks first away and a club like forest.

No point crying more accepting. Credit to those travelling today.

Vince Alm Head of Cardiff City Supporters

“lowest away support to forest in all the times I’ve been since the 76/77 season”