Do we have the right to take the piss out of the Jacks ?


Cardiff City Fans,Do we have the right to take the piss out of the Jacks?


By Steven Thomas

Sometimes our fans makes right arses out of themselves when it comes to the Jacks. Don’t get me wrong I cheered for every goal that Stoke scored last night and very loudly, but after our recent history which we can look at here can we really take the piss ?
1/ Taken over by some loon that turned our Club red and changed our badge
2/ Sacked our manager who took us up and his number two
3/ fantastic promotions for our Painter and decorators
4/Hired a joke of a manager and Relegated from the Prem after one season
5/ Sold majority of the team
6/ Hired a joke of a manager
7/Ultra boring football from a lower league manager sees attendances plummet
8/ Sacked joke manager
9/Hired joke manager
10/ Sacked Joke Manager after dropping to second from bottom of the Championship

And we are taking the piss. For me I’m watching quietly, and let’s see if they get relegated and follow our path of total embarrassment. But I’m hoping we get a local Derby next season. I would love that coz that is what football is all about and hopefully the appointment of Warnock can at last turn us around but for many it will never end until Tan has gone.