‘ Spare a thought for the Exeter fans ‘

Travelled all the way to Carlisle and just seen their side lose the game 3-2 in the 97th minute!
Remember those days Cardiff Fans,they really were the dark old days,but we loved every minute.


By Annis Abraham

150 Exteer City Fans travelled and yet bottom of all the Leagues.

710 mile round trip/12 hours round trip.

150 Exeter City fans made one of the longest away journeys in the Leagues :thumbright:

Exeter City Fc
150 Grecians have made the trip to Brunton Park today. Thank you for your support.
Exeter City fans are the ones that can be heard singing now inside Brunton Park.

Brilliant support by Exeter City fans, I remember going to Carlisle on a Tuesday night with 100 Cardiff fans and also been there with 500 Cardiff fans, loved them trips.

I did not love the trip,when we got there and with one hour before kick off the match got called off (a coach full),Michael Knight was the owner then,they say he deliberately had the pitch sprayed with water in the goal mouths as Carlisle had major injuries. We went down to the ground and saw them putting the hose pipe away.
We then had the long journey on the following Tuesday night to do all over again and four of us from the coach went up in the car with Terry Phillips.

Exeter player thanks the loyal 150 Exeter Fans for travelling.