‘ Thank goodness we have got Warnock ‘

‘ Thank goodness we have got Warnock ‘


Cardiff City

Yes we have suffered 3 defeats under Warnock, but in all honesty I expected to loose 2 out of those 3 anyway!

With other teams around us pulling out all the stops to ensure they aren’t going to end up in the relegation zone come April/May.

I’m so thankful that we have Warnock! Forget the losses but the wins we have got under Warnock would have more likely have been losses or draws if he hadn’t been here! We would probably be bottom by now.

With Warnock we stand the best chance of getting out of this and getting up the table a little! Warnock is a great manager and very experienced at this….

We are currently suffering due to our very poor results before he had arrived! We will start to get more points and we’ll get out of the bottom 3 and stay out real soon …I’m pretty sure