By Annis Abraham

I’ve always said you would be shocked who reads the forums.

I know the backroom staff at Cardiff City read the forums especially after away games on the coach home,they even tell the players what the fans thought of them after a game,some even make it the first thing they do on their way back.

Ex City players like Andy Legg,Jason Perry,Phil Dwyer,Andy Campbell, Warren Feeney etc have looked on them.

The media look on them daily for news/gossip and get many of their stories from them.

Even ticket office and shop staff look daily on them.

From our CEO,to Steve Borley to Sam Hammam have looked on them and as we know Steve use to be a regular poster.

When the Rebrand went wrong, Tan was given weekly updates on what was being said.

I know Craig Bellamy has read this one,he’s told me personally that he has.

So you would be shocked how much forums are looked at and used for info/gossip etc and to see what people think of them.

Just look at this below in todays Daily Mail, what Neil Warnock Wifes says :thumbright: :bluebird:

It is early October and Neil Warnock is chatting on the phone to his wife Sharon. She is stunned by something she saw on the internet.

Her husband, who has just accepted the manager’s job at Cardiff City, listens as she explains.

‘Darling, you’ll never believe what I’ve been reading,’ she says. ‘I’ve been on the Cardiff forums and all the fan websites.’

The Bluebirds boss was wanted by fans – as his wife noticed on plenty of Cardiff fan forums
‘What did you do that for?’ he asks. ‘You are sad looking at those blinking things, darling, come on now.’

‘No, you don’t understand,’ she says. ‘I’ve been reading them and everybody likes you at Cardiff. I can’t believe it, they like you. All these fans say they actually like you.’

The Bluebird telling the tale two months on has laughed himself red. Warnock is talking about why it felt right to abort his latest trip into retirement to manage a relegation contender 200 miles from the family home in Cornwall, where Sharon is being treated for breast cancer.

‘I’ll never forget my wife on the phone telling me, in this right shocked voice, “Can’t believe it, they like you”,’ he says.