‘ Other Clubs Queuing up for Cardiff City Striker ‘


By Annis Abraham



Cardiff City Striker Rhys Healey who is on loan at Newport County and currently their top scorer,but has been dropped over a dispute with County’s manager and Neil Warnock over the treatment of Healey.

Warnock is not happy at all with how Healey has been treated and is 100% in the right,so Newport County manager Graham Westley decided to drop Rhys Healey on Saturday.

County wanted Rhys Healey to extend the loan in January,that def will now not be happening now, so they’ve taken it out on the young striker,who now can’t play for no one till January.

Newport County are being contacted by Cardiff City this week to get this sorted out and bring the lad home to Cardiff.

Plymouth top of Division 2,need a striker and want Rhys Healey in January on loan and looked favourites to get him, but so do a number of clubs now want Healey.

Carlisle,Port Vale,Grimsby,Sheffield United and Bolton have all enquired about loaning Rhys Healey.

Neil Warnock has already publicly stated he is not happy with Graham Wesley’s treatment of Rhys Healey.

It seems the Newport County manager who has already had a falling out with his own staff this season and (see below) last week,seems to upset a lot of people.
Newport County manager Graham Westley was involved in an extraordinary post-match press conference following his side’s 0-0 draw at Plymouth Argyle in the FA Cup.

He was asked to leave after listening in to opposition manager Derek Adams’ conference.

Westley initially refused before Adams cut short his briefing and left.

“The press officer asked me to leave, I was a bit confused and bemused by it,” Westley said.