By Annis Abraham


‘ Neil Warnock on Craig Bellamy’s appointment as Cardiff City’s New DVP/Academy Manager ‘
Neil Warnock: “He’s good to have him around, I like talking to him, and I don’t think you can not take advantage of him being here.”

“He’s always been around the academy but now I see him looking for the younger players we want, managing them, looking to put people into first team. We’ve already brought Mark Harris up and Craig know what I’m looking for.”
“When you’ve got a young player having Craig Bellamy telling you what to do it’s something special, not many clubs can say that – he can even tell me a few things about strikers.

“When you look at Craig’s record, where he’s been what he does, him just being there gets 20% more from the kids. But then you have his knowledge of where to go, how to make the runs – and I don’t mean just with the kids because I can see him coming in with us now and again.

“You can never know enough in this game, no matter how old you are. You pick the brains of people who you think can help you – and that’s what we’re doing.”
Neil Warnock: “It won’t stop him if a job comes with more opportunities, we’ll say well done and off you go.”

And if Bellamy gets the FAW job,”good luck to him”