For Cardiff City’s visit/But


By Annis Abraham


Disgusting but I was just reading on other sites, Ipswich charged Norwich fans a couple of years back £40 a ticket they were fuming Norwich fans,but still sold the 2,000.
Sheff wed this season charged Hudders fans £40,but they still sold 3,000 tickets.

Its scandalous but I was also reading that even with Leeds disgusting prices, the average away support to visit them this season is over 2,000 fans.

I am sure the Jacks charged us £40 a few seasons ago,if I rem right?

I’ve been to Leeds away 8 out of 9 last visits and we have been taking 180 fans and on the last two away visits there and boy they took the piss out of us, it was night games though but No restrictions.

For many City fans this must be their first visit and not many can say they are bored of going there as they have not been going.
Yes its scandalous and all the other football clubs fans have been ripped of as well,but their fans keep turning up in their thousands.

We had to pay £45/£50 in the Prem at away games,some two in one week at awful times,we sold every game out.

I have to say,Leeds certainly do know how to make an atmosphere there and my last 8 visits,only few in number but we never stopped singing back.


Saturday 3pm 11th February 2017

Leeds United away, No Restrictions and All Cardiff Fans can make their own way to Elland Road :thumbright: :thumbright: :bluebird: :bluebird:

Cardiff City have 3,000 tickets :bluebird: :bluebird:

Tickets available to current Season Ticket Holders and Gold / Junior Bluebird Members.

Pre-Match Ticket Prices
Adults: £37.00
Senior Citizens (60+): £25.00
Young Adult 16-22: £25.00
Juniors Under 16: £18.00
Juniors Under 11: £9.00 :thumbright: :thumbright:

Disabled Allocations
Adults: £25.00
Senior Citizens (60+): £25.00
Young Adult 16-22: £25.00
Juniors Under 16: £18.00
Juniors Under 11: £9.00
Carer: free of charge