‘ I See The Leeds United Fans Have ‘



By Annis Abraham

I see the Leeds United fans on twitter and on here have gone in hiding, especially those on twitter as for the last week I had nothing but slating’s of them about our away support and Cardiff City as a club,not even a peep out of them since yesterday morning.

Thats why I have always disliked their fans,always give it the big one,but never admit anything, a nice Congratulations would of been nice 😆 :thumbright: :bluebird: :bluebird: :ayatollah: :ayatollah:
During the game they sang Cardiff had the worst support to come to Leeds,yet with 15mins left of the game,they left like as though they were in a fire drill 😆

Yes Cardiff Fans might of only taken a few hundred but they sang their hearts out and deserved the brilliant away win.
Well Done Neil Warnock,The Cardiff players and the Loyal diehards who travelled to Elland Road :thumbright: :bluebird: :bluebird:
I will tweet this to them and see there response 😆
The loyal Cardiff fans who travelled to Elland Road and brought back the 3pts :bluebird: :bluebird: