If everyone plays their part,there is no reason why Cardiff City can not be promoted in 2017-18 season from the Championship and in Blue.

Neil Warnock has already played part of his part by signing a new contract for next season.
Now Warnock this summer has to offload at least eight Cardiff players and replace them with about five quality players.
Then he has to to do what he knows best jell the team together,fight,tooth and nail for the shirt they will be wearing and Warnock will produce his magic.

Cardiff will probably need a new goalkeeper, a creative central midfielder and support for Kenneth Zohore up front, a strong Captain,leader and two more quality players.


Of course Cardiff City Committee(Vincent Tan/Dalman & Choo) have to do what they promised back Warnock with what players he says is needed.

Then Cardiff City fans have a big part to play and that of course is to turn up home away in big numbers,crowds of 20,000 plus will be needed at home to make Cardiff City a Fortress and our away average support from last season of 780 will need to double and show Warnock and the Cardiff City players where ever they go,they will not be alone and our once mighty/passionate Bluebird fans will have returned.

Huddersfield and Leeds this year have challenged big time,with some money, not big like Newcastle and Brighton etc but just enough money to give their managers the players they needed,then of course both clubs fan bases have been right behind them,Huddersfield Town with increased home crowds by at least 6,000 and their away support doubled.
Leeds home gates have gone up in their thousands,some near sell outs and as usual their away support has continued to be sell outs.
Lets put it this way 2017-18 season looks like being a very very exciting season to look forward to for Cardiff City.