‘ Welsh Fan Banned ‘

Ireland v Wales this Friday night


By Paul Corky



Hearing from the FAW that a fan has been banned from Wales games for trying to sell ticket for profit for the Ireland game …the ticket has been blocked and the person dealt with…if you have a spare ticket and sell it cost price or lower to help a fan if you can’t make the game then nobody will have a problem with that although technically they are non transferable but we know it happens…when people get tickets with no interest in going but an interest in ripping off fellow fans then beware because you could end up banned as well.

Especially when advertising on Facebook…there is a system in place and if fans want to guarantee future tickets our advice would be to try to go to one or two of the other three away games this campaign it is not a closed shop but with 30,000 members a system must protect the fans and be fair and that is in place.