‘ Cardiff City Striker still struggling ‘


By Annis Abraham



Rickie Lambert won’t this season be able to go on a run of games starting,might be able to make the odd couple of substitutions.

Lambert is not only struggling with back problems he has a couple of other niggling injuries.

For me we really can’t depend on Lambert for next season if we are serious about being promotion candidates.

Cardiff City are still paying Lamberts £25,000 plus a week wages,not what some on here are saying that insurance is paying it.

The insurance would only pay out if Rickie Lambert retired from football due to his injuries.

But Cardiff City did sign Lambert from WBA knowing he was unfit and was carrying niggling injuries.
Rickie Lambert said recently.

Lambert:I’m 35years old, and I’m still bearing the scars from my own career. My right foot, neck, hip. The war wounds haven’t gone away more than a decade on.



Lambert: “I have not been playing a lot recently,but all I want to do is score goals” Lambert stated on his arrival at Cardiff City.”


But in my opinion Rickie Lambert has been a shadow of himself for many years.

Rickie Lamberts contract runs out June 2018.