By Annis Abraham


Neil Warnock was fuming with his Cardiff City’s team at Half-time yesterday against Brentford.



Cardiff had let Brentford dictate the game and the City team looked like they had already gone on holiday.
At half-time Neil Warnock Neil went in the dressing room and roasted his players to make Cardiff City fans went home happy with not just a win but a performance that showed desire and passion.

Neil Warnock revealed he gave his players a half time rollicking with Cardiff City losing Brentford 0-1 yesterday at the Cardiff City Stadium.
Neil Warnock admitted the first half display left him falling asleep and with no choice but to give his players a grilling in the dressing room.


“We had to change things in the second half, or I’d have fell asleep if we hadn’t have done,” admitted Warnock.

“And second half we were a lot better, right out of the traps. We changed two or three things and were more positive and I think that gave us an extra 20 or 30 yards further forward.

“There were a lot of plusses in the second half but they shouldn’t need me to give them a roasting to get them on the front foot. They’ve got to do that themselves.”

Warnock got the reaction he wanted as the Bluebirds again came from behind the claim the three points, the sixth time they have done so this season.

Warnock said “That’s the Championship for you.”

“It’s disappointing when you go a goal down but if you’ve got a good team, nothing is impossible and I was pleased we didn’t conceded a late goal.”
“It’s easy to go through the motions and then the fans are paying their money and not getting their money’s worth,” he added.

“But I want fans to go home and talk about the goals and the saves. We’re in an entertainment business.

“I appreciate the fans staying behind and giving the players applause because it was a hot, draining day.”