Cardiff City’s Peter Whittingham



By Gary Field



Whitts is 33 in September so in my opinion this is as big a decision for him as it is for the club as it probably will be the final contract of his career. We are most likely talking about a contract of no more than 2 years so would he want to move just for money, would he like a contract that will include helping him with coaching qualifications and would he be guaranteed a starting role at any club he moves to.

Whitts has passed the maximum earning period of his career and whatever happens it is highly unlikely he will get a contract like his current one, although during these times of austerity it probably will be possible to get a better one elsewhere. We should remember that Whitts, as a free transfer, would be a fantastic signing for the majority of Championship teams, even at 33.

Whitts still has the highest number of assists of any player in Championship history, only two players (MacCormack & Rhodes) have scored more Championship goals than him and he has scored more penalties than any other player in Championship history. Even this season he has most assists at our club and only two players have scored more goals and if you include key passes he is in a league of his own this season so he still makes a massive contribution.

In my opinion he can continue to make a big contribution to our future, but not as a guaranteed starter and I hope both parties can agree a sensible contract and he can continue to the end of his career as a Bluebird.