” They Survived it all/Stuck together & Now club of the Year “

” They Survived it all/Stuck together & Now Community club of the Year ”



By Annis Abraham

Portsmouth in 2009 went virtually bankrupt with the HMRC taking them to court with debts at one time estimated to stand at £135million and its been eight years of fighting to stay alive and yes Pompey with its fans behind them through all the bad times are on their way back.
Portsmouth FC on Twitter today

What a Tuesday morning turning up to #community club of the year Portsmouth with the sun out.

Pompey Voted Community club of the year after years of struggling on and of the pitch.



Portsmouth virtually went under,nearly lost everything, but full credit to their fans, they stayed loyal,stuck together even after two succesive relegations that saw them plumit to the lowest Division, the 2nd division(old division 4),they continued to have the biggest home crowds in the lowest division and one of the best away supports in the bottom two divisions.

Despite everything that has happened at Portsmouth,they still play in their home ground Fratton Park where they average 17,500 in Division two after being there for three years.


Their away support is second to none and is the best in Division Two and makes some Championship clubs away supports embarrasing. They average over 2,000 fans, take a 1,000 fans on 600 mile round trips.


Their next away game away at Notts County, they were initially given 1,900 took which they sold in hours and were then given another 2,200 tickets and are now taking over 4,000 fans away to Notts County for a Division 2 match.

Portsmouth are on there way back and thanks to the hard work put in by their club and fans who all stuck together,Pompey look like they will be promoted this season and for me thats brilliant news as it shows what can be done if the fans stick together and unite and stay loyal no matter what.

Their current capacity is 20,000 at Fratton Park, but they are now looking to the future and have no intentions of leaving they ground and have now submitted plans to increase the capacity.



Pompey and Cardiff City for me were very very similar through out the 70’s/80’s and 90’s, our grounds,clubs and fans were so alike in many ways.