By Luke Coakley

Paul Trollope

Trollope was a disaster, thought he may have had enough about him but failed miserably. He talked a good game and seem to have good ideas talking in interviews but nothing related onto the pitch sadly. I can see why the club did it to keep continuity but thankfully they didn’t waste too much time to replace him when it clearly wasn’t working.

Russell Slade

Terrible manager, didn’t get the best out of anyone, wasted and ignored talent that didn’t fit into his rigid 4-4-2. Terrible football, awful interviews often contradicting himself. People will say he kept us going despite mass sales but we still had a very strong squad and massive collection of talent to choose from, if the club had invested in a decent manager the club could have made cut backs while progressing.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Massive disappointment, came here with a big reputation and didn’t turn around our fortunes in the premiership, probably the wrong manager at the wrong time. Backed in the championship but we didn’t seem to have any kind of pattern of play and to many changes to often with a huge squad. I did wonder if he could have turned it around given a little longer in the championship however overall disappointing.

Malky Mackay

He was the manager I wanted us to get and was really pleased when we got him, did brilliant in the championship with what was at the time a huge budget, the whole club had a good feel about it. Unfortunately in my opinion his ego got the best of him and he was out of his depth in the prem despite the biggest budget in promotion history and we were sinking quickly, he thought he could do whatever he wanted and didn’t have to answer to anyone. Only manager on this list I would not welcome back to the club in any capacity

Dave Jones

Loved the Day Jones day, good attacking football (if not a little frustrating at times) the likes of Chopra Jay, Bellamy, Koumas etc. Another who was obsessed with a 4-4-2 however DJ did know how to use it. Unfortunately he just couldn’t get us over the line and for me he was sacked at the right time. People called him miserable etc but I actually enjoyed his interviews. Like many I wonder how he would have managed with the money Malky spent to take us up, we will never know.