Cardiff didn’t score in the 12 games he played this season / Plus

Cardiff City didn’t score in the 12 games he played this season / Plus

By Scott W

Just for those interested here are all the stats for players who finished the season with us, and also when the goals were scored/conceded in our games. (if you click each picture it gets bigger, I think)

It’s a lot of numbers so these are the bits I found interesting.

Gounongbe didn’t score a goal in 12 appearances. In fact the team didn’t score a goal whilst he was on the pitch.

Sean Morrison played the most minutes, virtually every minute actually.

We conceded goals less often when Joe Bennett was on the pitch than any other player. (I’ve criticised him defensively massively in the past so I’m going to credit this to the Warnock effect) 😆

Our team stats we’re a lot worse when Manga played generally, although he did play a large majority of his mins under Trollope.

In the small amount of games Brian Murphy played, our team stats were significantly better. A solid number 2 next season I reckon at worst. :bluescarf:

Zohore scored a goal on average every 209 mins (mins include injury time). Which is basically 1 in 2 games and will only go up next season under Warnock I reckon. :ayatollah: